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About the participation of the chairwoman of Scientist women’s association of the Institute, assistant professor Umarova Mavludakhon Nazirovna at “Innovative Women’s Entrepreneurship Business Week” On May 21-27, at the Polytechnic University of Turin, Tashkent, organized by the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan.

On May 21-27, the “Innovative entrepreneurship week of inventor women” was held at the Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent on the basis of the letter No. 06 / 423-18 sent by the Women’s committee of Uzbekistan of May 18, 2018. The representative of the Andijan Machine Building Institute chair of the Scientist women’s association of the Institute assistant professor of “Materials science and new materials technology” department Umarova Mavludakhon Nazirovna participated in it.

During the event women entrepreneurs (Muyassar Nigmatova, Mamlakat Sodikova, Barno Karimova, Shakhnozakhon Siddikova) who had been running their own business  as an entrepreneur exchanged views on their activities and gave their advice to the girls who were going to start their own business.

In addition, staff of commercial and state-owned banks operating in our country visited the meeting and participants received answers how to make payments, how long they can get, how long they pay, their interest rates, and other questions.

In the second half of the last day the awarding ceremony of the winners of the First Republican competition “100 Best innovation projects of women of Uzbekistan” was held.

As a result of my received knowledge of this innovative weekly program, I also made a number of plans for myself.

  • Involvement of teachers of the institute, such as student girls, female teachers and women workers, and inviting teachers like Jamila Shermukhammedova, Karima Norkulova, Dilfuza Sultonova to such events.
  • Helping in promoting awareness raising activities among women in rural areas.

In my opinion, a woman who started a business in a single family will be able to strengthen her family, eliminates the illusion of family deficits, and avoids a family from divorce.