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      The professor of the California University of the United States Сyort Shurgerts visited the Andizhan Machine Building institute on May 21. Using this opportunity, we asked some questions about Mr. Сyort Shurgerts’s visit

        Welcome to Uzbekistan Mr. Сyort Shurgerts, this is your first visit to our country and could you share your first impressions with us?

       – First of all, I would like to express my deep gratitude for the fact that I was greeted with great respect here. I had heard about Uzbekistan and its wonderful nation before, and after this visit, I had more wonderful impressions about your country stepping forward for prosperity.

        What is the main purpose of your visit to Andijan Machine Building institute?

        – I came here on the basis of the agreement of the leaders. I work at the University of California, USA. The purpose of my visit is to exchange experiences between the University of California and the Andijan Machine Building institute, to share my knowledge with professors and teachers in Uzbekistan, and having a close acquaintance with research projects in the higher education system.

       There are many higher education institutions in our country, and why did you come to the Andijan Machine Building Institute first?

       – Of course, there are some specific reasons for coming to your institute first. I am aware of the rapid development of the machine-building industry in Andijan, and this institute trains well-trained personnel, which is one of the key factors in the development of Uzbekistan. Thus, the cooperation between the University of California and the Andijan Machine Building Institute is only beneficial for the two higher education institutions.

       The seminar has just finished, and what is your opinion?

      – I was surprised with one case, your students were fluent and clear in English. Listening to their ideas on their research work, I was convinced that there was a lot of positive work done here. I think that future cooperation will be mutually beneficial.

Xayrullo VASIEV