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On May 19, 2018, the Ministry of Higher and secondary specialized education of the Republic of Uzbekistan Majidov Inomjon Urishevich visited Andijan Machine-Building Institute.

At the beginning of the visit the Minister I.Majidov was familiarized with the work of the Book shop which was organized at the institute, and made suggestions and recommendations on providing with literature and enriching them with classical and specialized literature.

After that Minister I.Majidov got acquainted with the technical developments and innovative projects of talented students studying at the institute, talked with them, gave valuable feedback and instructions on the implementation of future innovative projects.

Minister I.Majidov also got acquainted with the literature of the institute for the students to get knowledge on their specialties and shared with their suggestions and feedback on the future of the Institute with the help of which literature should be provided.

During the visit Mr. I.Majidov reviewed the conditions for the students studying at the institute, the equipment of the educational process and the educational and laboratory rooms, and wider use of innovative technologies in teaching the students, buying laboratory equipment and gave recommendations and suggestions in the area of procurement and use of them.