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At the meeting held on March 6, 2018, in a small hall of the Ministry, the Vice-Rectors’ departments were examined by the direction of the direction (specialty) to determine the requirements for the quality of graduates of manufacturing companies. The quality of education-normative documents influencing the quality of graduates, quality and potential of professorial-teaching staff, the state and quality of ICT and educational-methodical maintenance, material and technical base (laboratory), organization of educational and production practice Solutions (Factors) for the “Admissions quota forming system”, “Management system of the Higher Education Institutions” were studied from the point of view of the educational-methodical department of the production enterprises, directions (specializations), and the quality of graduates providing mechanism to solve tasks in universities, identified the structure of the Ministry and the Cabinet of Ministers.

Also, proposals were made to improve the organization of students’ internships, start-ups and living conditions for graduating young specialists, tax incentives and preferences for graduates, formation of quotas for training, education and training.