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Scientific-practical seminar was held on February 26, 2018 in room 402, 4th floor of the faculty of Technology of Machine Building at 14:30. Attendees: Professors and teachers of the department of “TME”, post graduate students the “PIChTJ” course. Proposed: rector of the institute U.R.Salimov, vice rector for scienctific affairs B.Mamajonov, pro-rector on academic affairs Q.Ermatov, head of internal control department M.Yusupova, dean of Machine-Building Technology faculty M-A.Eshonov, assistant professor of “Agricultural Energy and general technical subjects” chair of AAI Q.Qosimov, the head of the chair “Automobile building” T.Almataev, the head of the chair “MTMIChA” Yusupov, the head of the chair “MBT” Kh.Akbarov, the head of “GTS” department Kh.Sobirov and post graduate students.



 Approval of dissertation on the theme: “Evaluation of rehabilitation of contact details of soil (as lemex) by contact welding” of the assistant of “Technological machines and equipment” Qosimova Maloxatkhon Karimovna.

Report on the theme “Study of the value and importance of protective gases used in the welding of car parts” and report on the topic of the 2nd course “Marketing” Latibov Shohruh Maxammadyusup ogli.

 As an advisor to the senior lecturer Yusupov Ilkhomjon Ibragimovich as a scientific consultant on thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Holmatov M., a researcher of the department “Technological machines and equipment” to study the influence of harmful substances in the atmosphere on ornamental trees (on the example of Andijan) discussion of the issue of attachment.

The organizers of the seminar are: «Technological machines and equipment” department.

Photos from scientific-practical seminars held at the “Technological machines and equipment” department of Andijan Machine-Building Institute.