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An roundtable discussion on topic “Alisher Navoi – the pride of our nation” was held in a big conference hall of the institute on February 10, 2018 in connetion to the 577th anniversary of the great Uzbek poet and statesman Alisher Navoi in cooperation with the “Spirituality and Enlightenment” department of the Institute together with the primary organization of union of youth of Uzbekistan of the institute, “Foreign languages” and “Social subjects”.    

Senior lecturer of “Foreign languages” department M.Abdurahmonova, associate professor of “Social sciences” department Z.Aripova made lectures on life and creative work of Alisher Navoi.

A documentary film was shown about Alisher Navoi’s life and works during the event. There were quiz questions on the theme “Do you know Navoi?” And the winners were awarded with the literary books and the certificate of honor. Talented students of the Institute performed songs and ghazals dedicated to Alisher Navoi’s ghazals in the art part of the event. More than 20 professors and teachers and 285 students participated in the event.